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Moving From West Coast to East Coast Safety Tips

Pick the right season.

To move, avoid holidays, long weekends, and stormy seasons.

If traveling by car:

Drive during the day, 7-8 hours max.  Don’t travel with large amounts of cash. Use travelers checks if need be.

Hire a moving company.

If moving the entire household from west coast to east, find a trusting and reliable out of state moving company. Post the “out of state moving company need” in and share with friends.

The driving distance from West to East is about 3500 miles and it takes about 48 hours of straight driving without a single stop. Take advantage of this opportunity of move and check mark the bucket list. Take your time, you don’t have to get there right away. Enjoy every village and city on the way.

When posting the request to find an out of state moving company, Bids By Pros assigns and connects local companies to bid on the project. Sit relax and choose among the bids. Inform the moving company of the desired date of arrival at the new address in the east coast.

Refer to tips on moving sequences for an organized move.

Book a hotel.

The night before departure book the hotel. In a regular season with no special holidays, hotels offer perfect last minute deals. Calculate the comfortable driving distance and hour and set a goal to arrive at a specific city. Try to drive maximum 4 hours a day. You’d be surprise to see that in every four hours drive, you’d reach different beautiful counties with wonderful accommodations.

Take the  car to the mechanic.

For a thorough check up and Tune up, take the car to a trustworthy mechanic before the move. If you do not know of any mechanics, use the BidsByPros method of post and share. Inform the mechanic of the long drive.

Emergency package.

For extra safety, prepare a bag of emergency. Carry flash light, candles, matches, portable radio, extra blankets, and window cleaner. Have extra water and dry snacks beside the emergency bag.

GPS and map.

If the car is not equipped with GPS, it worth to invest in one as it saves time and gas. I’d suggest a paper map, but map books are outdated.

Extra set of clothing.

Prepare for the duration of travel and take extra set of clothing. Regardless of the season, take a jacket and gloves for emergency cases.

Pre-plans and updates.

Make sure to have the update for insurance payment, license renewals, and have copy of the registration and insurance. Keep these documents handy including your own identification.

Do not forget the camera, video, and blogging tools. This trip is the bucket list. Go prepared, take lots of pictures, and create a memorable blog. Plan a cross country food crawl!

Destination arrival:

Once you arrive have Rachel Van Zanten search for properties so you may see whats available in your price range, She can set you up in a rental until you settle in and get acquantied with the area.


by: don zilleri 



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