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I’ve been asked this question several times in the past few months.

Q: I’ve been renting for a few years now due to a foreclosure, when can I purchase again?

A: Here are some tips from Know Where You Stand- Check your credit report and your FICO score! Look to make sure your short sale/foreclosure/bankruptcy/credit cards/medical bills and any other creditors are filing properly. You may get a absolutely free annual copy from all 3 major creditors at:

Try to Maintain 2-3 Open Credit Accounts- Car payments, Credit cards, Store Credit, Student Loans etc.

Keep Your Revolving Credit Lines 30-35% of Your Balance- For example, If  you have a $500 line of credit don’t owe more then $150-$175 balance.

Make Sure You File Your Taxes- Usually 2 years of completed tax returns will be needed to obtain a new mortgage. If you are in a new small business or an all cash business I highly recommend you hire a CPA I personally recommend:

Keep your Pay Stubs- They will come in handy when filing your taxes and needed documents to get into a new mortgage.

Pay Your Bills on Time- Any “lates” that hit your credit report can lower your FICO score, and raise the interest rate you may qualify for on your home loan. Most lenders need to see a minimum of a 640 FICO score to even consider you for a new mortgage. If you are looking for a lender I can assist you in the process

Shop For A Real Estate Agents and Lender- Interview Real Estate Agent and Lenders in your area. Most agents can help you find a lender and visa verse, And remember we work for YOU!


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